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The Submersion is the opening piece of the Pseudocrisis series.
The Being, the protagonist of the story arrives at a deep pitfall.
This place is a kind of the subconscious, which is dead to world, we can thinking and mediting.
The pitfall is the place of experiences.

Technique, Composition:
For sensing the perspective effects the picture is built up by translucent layers in several phases with stencil brush.
The dried painted surface is scratched with sandpaper partial, raising the effect of the walls of the pitfall more realistic thereby.
Smaller cracks and furrows are made with a needle around.
I used dense paint for creating the figure.
The acrilyc attenuated is applied like watercolour creating translucent layers for the shadows so.
The colour palette is created from the tones of green, drab, brown and red.
I wanted to compensate the warm colour effects with the hard-line composition and tracing.
High contrast effects are created to interpret the desolate, critical but pensive mood…