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50 x 70 x 2 cm – acrilyc, mdf board

At the picture Resurrection the body becoms one with the universe evaporating in the air.
The Being escaps from the crisis getting to an other dimension.

Technique, Composition:
The entity is unifying with the universe his hands are expanded, standing on the ground just on tiptoes, nearly levitating.
The person’s cross-like silhouette reflects to the resurrection.
I used a wide brush to paint the background, creating the sky with wide interleaving motions in white and blue colours.
I used the same colours for the figure picturing the connection and fusion between the figure and the universe.
The border of the pitfall appears at the bottom of the picture only.
Its red colour means the affiction, the hard moments of living in crisis.
But all these are the past, the crisis situation is disappearing.