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50 x 70 x 2 cm – acrylic, MDF board

The Story:
The protagonist fully unites with its environment, the relation of the real space and the materials transforms.
The Being delves into the wall and takes over its physical parameters.
Fusing with the material, enters fully in it.
This all is the meeting of the intimate personality and the pitfall symbolising the subconscious  – we could say this is the moment of understanding.

Technique, Composition:
The viewpoint is taken from the front.
The light is normal to the wall, it raises the significance of the moment.
The colours are taken from the nature – greenish, brownish shades are vibrating on the picture.
The pitfall’s coloration is fully similar to the figure.
It expresses its fusion with the nature.
The tones are getting darker at the picture’s edges, this intensifies the midpoint composition effect.