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50 x 70 x 2 cm – acrilyc, mdf board

The Consternation opens up the movement of arriving to the pitfall.
This is the moment when we get to a deeper level of sense.
We can face our hidden inner world.
Our Being comes petrified for an instant.

Tehnique, Composition:
The composition gets important role here.
The Being takes place at the centre, turns his back to the outer world – the sunshine casts his shadow in front of him.
The shadow is a specific kind of presentation of the individual.
The outside world gets collateral, the pitfall as the subconscious is the seeded player.
I pictured the figure’s stiffed status with its rigid hand and leg pose.
His golden tinge raises the significance of the moment.
The gold coloration appears also at the background on the wall, it signs the connection between the Being and his environment.
The colour of the sky is changing.
Yellow and orange dominate but you can notice the cold tones of violet, as well.
These all alludes the change of time and environment.
The pitfall’s coloration is more obvious: black-grey and gold which blinks depending from the viewpoint are to boost the moment-like feeling.
The sunshine ray penetrating into the pitfall focuses on the figure emphasizing its importance.